Running Coaching

With years of experience both competing and coaching runners at all different levels, I can maximise your individual running potential and performance.

Whether you are a complete beginner who has never run before or a club level runner, a sprinter or a marathon/ ultramarathon runner, Carter Coaching can help improve your endurance with targeted running sessions, boost strength with weights and plyometrics as well as teaching about stretching, nutrition and psychology.

Tailored coaching packages include:

  • Designing periodised training structures to give a progressive schedule
  • Competition specific training
  • Running technique, gait analysis and advice
  • Sessions to add strength and power complimenting your basic running
  • Outdoor sessions- intervals, thresholds, drills, circuits, endurance sessions and technique
  • Specific exercises and programmes to target areas of weakness
  • Practical advice and guidance
  • Psychological coaching and sport motivation

My sessions can be in groups or private one to one sessions carried out in your home or outdoors (parks etc). Many clients enjoy my running sessions outside where runs can be done at your pace in your local area. Most clients find hourly sessions to be of most use but 2 hourly sessions are also available for a more in depth session.

I also provide consultation sessions face to face where race plans, goal strategy and training programmes can be discussed at length.

Online and phone running coaching

As well as training sessions, online coaching and phone coaching are available for those in need of extra advice, tips and structured running programmes to follow. For more information view the ‘services’ page.
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