Personal training
Personal training with Carter Coaching (fully qualified R.E.P level 3) provides a service which is not like your average personal trainer. It involves educating and guiding you, the client through the whole process. I teach you about your own body and your own needs instead of simply telling you what you have to do in each session. I give health and psychological advice, educating you about your mind and body to maximise the speed ability for results.

Key components of my coaching involve:
  • Extensive coaching expertise and background knowledge
  • Analysis of your performance at every stage with feedback
  • Physiology, biomechanics and injury advice
  • Planning, periodisation and goal setting
  • Giving you the knowledge to eventually train yourself
  • Tailored individual programmes for weight loss, competition and specific sports
  • Psychological training and preparation
  • Fun and enjoyment while progressing
The advantage of my services are that I train your MIND as well as your body. Without the right training mentally for sport and fitness there is no way you can achieve your goals physically.

Personal training sessions can take place in person, by telephone and over the internet via frequent email. When via face to face sessions, depending on the arrangement of the session (either consultation or training session), they can take place outdoors or indoors, gym, cafe or home where we can go over all aspects of the session. Telephone and email coaching can give the flexibility and ease of technology meaning it fits into your lifestyle while still maximising your fitness performance.

Why seek personal training?
  • You are looking for a training programme to enable you to achieve your ambitions which is based on your personal goals, available time and current level of fitness.
  • You are seeking a tailored training schedule plus one-to-one contact with a training advisor to give you extra advice, support and guidance.
  • You want weekly contact with a training advisor to maintain your focus and motivation, and to ensure your daily training makes the most of time and energy you have available as you target your personal sport or fitness goals.
  • You have your own personal trainer  training you to your individual needs
  • Provides a great option for those with a busy lifestyle who want to work out, but have to fit in into their own schedule. (email coaching or telephone coaching may be most suitable)
  • Provides encouragement, motivation and accountability.
  • Learn how to make healthy and enjoyable nutritional choices.
  • Programs are designed to be fun and are customized just for you.
  • Achieve faster and better results.
  • Provides a reasonably priced coaching option to fit your budget.
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